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How it Works?

Via Calzabigi is the new Italian brand for socks created thanks to an in-depth trend analysis and to the contribution and the engagement of our customers. We listen to people’s mood and translate it into elegant and fascinating designs, taking special care of the quality of the fabric, the patterns and all aspects of production.

We make awesome socks and we send two pairs every two months right to your door with the confidence that you will be pleasantly surprised. You can also purchase a 5 pack or simply trust us and subscribe to our club for as long as you want. Alternatively, you can buy single pairs from our Shop.

Our club options


  • YOU SAVE UP TO 25%
  • Pay as you go when your pack is on the way
  • Choose your favorite collection, never receive the same pair
  • You can unsubscribe whenever you want

24,99 £

Two pair of socks every two months



  • YOU SAVE UP TO 30%
  • Upfront payment
  • Choose your favorite collection, never receive the same pair

63,00 £

Two pair of socks every two months



  • YOU SAVE UP TO 40%
  • Upfront payment
  • Choose your favorite collection, never receive the same pair

112,00 £

Two pair of socks every two months



Free in UK and Italy
5 £ in Europe
5 £ Extra Europe

Subscribe to Italian elegance

Have you ever thought that you can feel like a king with just a few euros? Our socks are made with the sartorial skills of the best Italian artisans using quality certified fabrics, innovative designs, a unique stile and perfect wearability. Try out our luxury socks to make an original present or to simply reward your feet!

Why a subscription?

Not just to take advantage of a unique quality to price ratio. The style and the quality of our socks is something very serious for us and we strongly believe that having a pair of fresh luxury socks every month is a great way to treat yourself or to send a first class present.

Our aim is to make sure that you can’t wait to receive our pack and wear our socks.

Is it convenient?

Absolutely! Your loyalty to our brand is valuable and allows you to have a significant discount which you won’t find in any boutique.

You will easily understand how convenient our club is as soon as you receive your first pack and have the opportunity to wear our socks. You will immediately perceive that you have made the right choice!

Can I stop the subscription?

We must admit that we would be upset. But of course you can stop your subscription at any time by simply sending an email with your client ID to the address The service will be immediately interrupted with a ten days notice period.

Don’t forget that you can purchase our 5 pack or visit the “limited edition” collection shop.

Manage your gifts

Not only you can use a subscription, a 5 pack or a single pair of socks from the shop as a present for a friend, adding an optional gift package.
The members of our club can actually decide to use one of their bi-monthly packs to make a wonderful present using a birthday reminder system and modifying the shipping address whenever you want!

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I didn't know what to buy to my husband for his birthday adn decided to purchase a subscription to "Via Calzabigi" for him. It was a brillant idea. He loves the socks and he wears them all the time.


I first bought the 5 pack and when I received it I was impressed. Amazing socks with a cool design. I thought that having a new pair to wear every month was a great idea and joined the club!


The quality of the socks is simply great. They fit perfectly, they are durable and they are very stylish. I can't wait to receive my next pack and try them on.


I never really bothered too much about socks and now I have a true passion for them. "ViaCalzabigi" are the finest socks I have ever worn and the quality of the fabric is outstanding.


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Socks are not to be hidden!

Branded Custom Socks


Our creative division develops "corporate branded socks" for companies and organizations who wish to communicate with an esclusive style.

We analyze your brand to create innovative and effective solutions getting you involved in the selection of colors, patterns and yarns.

Via Calzabigi custom socks are awesome marketing tools to develop your brand, to make fantastic corporate gifts or to be used in events and tradeshows.

The importance to help

Socks are extremely requested by charity association that deal with homeless people.
We would like you to know that we will donate a pair of our socks to our partner association each time that a subscription is purchased.

Just a little help to protect feet that need to be kept warm.